PC Harper killing: Three teens found guilty of manslaughter

Police Hour readers raised £9,510 for the family of PC Harper and choose not to report the awful details of the court process out of respect for his fellow police officers, friends & family.

We will not publish the details of PC Harpers Murder as we believe these should not be shared within the graphic nature in which they have been.

Some reporters engaged in some of the most graphic and horrific reporting we have ever seen, They simply got away with it because it was the death of a police officer.

The three responsible his death has now been convicted of killing the police officer while making desperate attempts to evade arrest. For the lesser offence of Manslaughter.

PC Andrew Harper was sadly and tragically dragged for a mile behind a car after he attempted to stop a group towing a quad bike away which was stolen from outside a house in West Berkshire.

Now the driver named Henry Long aged 19 and his passengers Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole both aged 18 all denied murder but admitted manslaughter.

The three will be sentenced next Friday.