A&E nurse returns to car to find it stripped of parts

An A&E nurse who had just finished a gruelling 12 and a half hour shift returned to her car to find it had been stripped of it’s parts.

Nurse Demi Murphy from Marston Green located in Birmingham, says she returned to her Toyota Aygo which was parked near to the Heartlands Hospital on Yardley Green Road, Bordesley Green, to find it had been stripped,

Demi aged 24 had only just qualified as a registered staff nurse at the start of the Coronavirus outbreak said her driver’s window had been smashed which allowed access to open the bonnet of the car.

Enabling them to lift the bonnet and remove everything from inside.

Demi, who graduated at Birmingham City University, said could not get into the hospital car park as the barriers were down. She parked on a residential road where she had previously parked as a student without an issue.

Her insurance company are liaising with a Toyota approved repair centre in Birmingham – but she will have to pay an excess of £500 to get it fixed.

I’d just done a 12-and-a-half hour shift in the heat, it was boiling hot in full PPE, looking after people and that’s what you walk out to and the thanks that you get. I’ve now got no means of transport and no way of getting into work to help look after patients and this how we are repaid. It’s just disgusting. I’m really devastated.

– Demi Murphy –

West Midlands Police are aware of the theft and are appealing to the public for CCTV or information.