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The UK has the highest Coronavirus death toll in Europe

Sadly the UK now has the highest Coronavirus death toll within Europe and the second-highest in the world behind the US.

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The UK now has the highest coronavirus-related death toll within Europe.

The UK is also the second highest hit across the world behind the United States.

The Office For National Statistics (ONS) released figures which show that death rates show 29,648 people died having contracted Coronavirus in England and Wales as of April 24th.

When we add the deaths within Scotland and Northern Ireland the death toll rises to 32,000 people.

Italy was previously the hardest hit country within Europe with 29,079 deaths.

This now makes the UK the second in the world for the total number of people who have died after contracting the disease.

Health officials within the UK have said that country-to-country comparisons are extremely difficult due to the differences in population, age, density and other measures and variables.

The ONS have shown that 7,713 deaths involving Coronavirus have happened outside of a hospital setting.

of these deaths, 5,890 deaths happened within a care home and 1,306 happened within private homes, 301 in hospices and 105 in communal establishments and 111 deaths happened elsewhere.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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