Sadly too many NHS staff, 999 emergency service workers, Armed Forces & Key Workers have sadly died with the COVID-19 in the UK during the pandemic.

Now one Charity have plans for a national memorial that will honour The NHS, 999 Emergency workers & all key workers.

Along with all of those who have sadly died from Coronavirus within the UK.

Rainbow Heroes created plans to launch a national memorial within the United Kingdom as no memorial exists and a place should be created to ensure everyone is remembered, honoured and celebrated for the part they paid within with Coronavirus Outbreak.

Coronavirus: National Memorial to Honour The NHS, 999 Emergency Services, Armed Forces & All Key Workers. 1

The Charity behind the plans Rainbow Heroes was launched on May 1st 2020 which has already received support from the Government within the UK.

Working very closely with national partners the charity believe this can be achieved and should be created to celebrate, honour and remember those involved within the Covid-19 pandemic.

A location is already being discussed and identified at the moment Rainbow Heroes cannot reveal this location which is expected to be announced very soon.

The charity was launched in response to the Covid-19 pandemic which has created a national crisis on levels not seen since The Second World War with far-reaching consequences which have touched the lives of whole communities with very painful consequences.

When the clapping stops how will you remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice during Covid-19?

When the clapping stops they want there to remain for a long time a memorial to remember and reinforce all the importance of The NHS, 999 Emergency Services, Armed Forces & Key workers. 

They want to remember and celebrate the community spirit that helped carry everyone carries on and work during the worrying times.

Inspired by the fundraising efforts of Sir Tom who raised £32 million by walking up and down his garden 100 times totalling 25 metres to raise money for the NHS Charities Together to celebrate his up and coming 100th Birthday.

Sir Tom has undergone a hip replacement operation and simply wanted to create a way to raise £1000 for the NHS and show his appreciation for the care he received.

We were inspired to create a national memorial to remember, honour and celebrate the response of our NHS, 999 Emergency Services & Key Workers during Covid-19.

The Rainbow Heroes will honour the NHS Health Care Workers, 999 Emergency Services, Armed Forces and all key workers during the coronavirus. 

The charity said “Sadly in 34k people who have died many of these are members of the NHS, Emergency Services, Armed Forces and Key Workers we want to remember those people” 

“When the clapping stops we want to create a memorial to ensure we honour, remember and celebrate our NHS, Emergency Services, Armed Forces and all key workers for their work within the coronavirus response within the UK. 

“We are currently working with a number of people behind the scenes to identify a location for the national coronavirus memorial that will honour, remember and celebrate the he NHS Health Care Workers, Emergency Services, Armed Forces and all key workers during the coronavirus. 

“Sadly it has been a painful time for many but we would like to create a memorial to ensure the sacrifice and the memory of those Involved within the Covid-19 response is not forgotten”

“We are also inviting members of the public who want to do something creative to fundraise for charity to consider doing something for the Rainbow Heroes”

How can I support the National Coronavirus Memorial?

You can support Rainbow Heroes create a national Memorial that will honour, remember and celebrate The NHS, 999 Emergency Services, Armed Forces & All Key Workers in the following ways.

You can buy one of the specially commissioned Rainbow Heroes love hart rainbow coloured pin badge with the word hero within it. Which has been specially created to honour, celebrate and remember our heroes.

The cost of the badge covers the production costs, postage and packing and a donation towards the National Memorial.

Direct donations can also be made via a JustGiving page has also been set up to help raise funding towards the memorial.