Coronavirus Lockdown Welsh Government tell England “Do not Travel here”

If you live in England you are not welcome to “travel” to Wales for exercise.

The Welsh Government ha made a clear clarification following Boris Johnson’s speech.

The Counsel General and Assembly Member Jeremy Miles made the clear announcement that if you live in England you are not welcome to travel to Wales for exercise.

During the address to the nation, the Prime Minister said that those within England can now undertake “unlimited exercise” which allows people to travel to different locations with people from the same household.

But Mr miles has made it clear anyone who travels over the border to wales could face being fined.

Speaking to BBC Wales, he said: “I want to be really clear about this. The position in Wales is very different from the position in England in relation to that.

“Our regulations do not permit people to get in their cars and drive to destinations in Wales and this includes people getting in their cars in England.

“We are not permitting that in Wales.”