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Boris Johnson Coronavirus lockdown adjustment what you can and cannot do in England.

Boris Johnson has today updated the rules around the Coronavirus lockdown writhing England.

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Here are the new rules following the updated Coronavirus Lockdown rules.

Boris Johnson has today updated the rules around the Coronavirus lockdown writhing England.

There are now new rules around what you can and cannot do.

The Prime Minister has today published a new 50-page document which offers guidance by the government relating to the road map of easing the England lockdown.

However, these do not relate to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and anyone from England who travels to these areas will have to follow the government advice there including fines for travelling from England.

Can I meet family and friends in public spaces?

The government has today update the advice on outdoor activity because the risk of infection outside is significantly lower than when you are inside.

The Government will allow from Wednesday people to exercise outside as many times as they wish during the day.

You are now also allowed to meet one person outside of your home but you must meet at a social distance.

You are allowed to go for a walk together, sit down in the sun, play tennis or and angling.

But you must only exercise with up to one person from outside your household.

Meaning sports teams are not allowed to play together.

If you are meeting family or friends outside of your home you should stay two meters away from them.

However, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and ticketed outdoor leisure venues are still to remain closed.

Am I allowed to drive to an open space?

People are now allowed to drive to an outdoor open space regardless of the distance.

As long as you respect social distancing outdoors. But you must remain in England because Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have said they will fine people travelling from England.

People heading back to work from Wednesday?

If you are unable to work from home you can now return to work. People should return to work at a social distance.

However, firms must be “Covid-secure” the guidelines for workplaces will be related within 24 hours.

But the government does state “for the foreseeable future, workers should continue to work from home rather than their normal physical workplace, wherever possible.”.

This is to ensure those who must physically attend work are protected with “minimal risk of overcrowding on public transport and within public places”.

The sectors that should reopen are food production, construction, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and scientific research.

Nannies, childminders and house cleaners are also now safe to return to work to enable more parents to return to work.

However hospitality and non-essential retail must remain closed.

Anyone with symptoms should not return to work, and should instead self-isolate, as should members of their household.

When are the schools reopening?

The schools will begin re-opening from June 1st these will be on staged phases and social distancing will be in place.

All students are likely to see their teacher before they close for the summer break.

However everyone who has returned to work from Wednesday children are allowed to return from this date.

This will help children parents return to work.

Am I allowed to travel on public transport?

Where possible the government is saying everyone (including critical workers) should avoid using public transport where possible.

people should travel by foot, bicycle or by car however, only those that cannot travel any other way should use public transport.

Should i wear a face mask or face covering?

As people now return to work the government has now advised everyone to wear a face-covering within an enclosed space where social distancing is not possible.

Wearing a face mask or face-covering can help reduce the risk of transmission they will not protect the wearer but will protect against transmission.

However, the public should not wear clinical face masks thy should use homemade face coverings.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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