You’ve just ruined our fricking Day couple moan at police while breaking lockdown rules.

Two angry sunbathers have been filmed while they disregarded the government lockdown rules by going out and having a barbecue on the beach.

Cops caught the pair sunbathing, drinking alcohol and having a BBQ on the beach during the Coronavirus pandemic.

When the pair were asked to go home by the police they responded that the police had”ruined their day”.

These idiots think it’s ok to continue life as normal thinking the lockdown rules do not apply to them.

It is clear we should stay home and only go out for essential travel for food and medicine and one form of exercise per day.

The footage appeared on Twitter which showed two police officers disperse the couple who accused the police of being “part-time teachers” for simply asking them to comply with the lockdown request.

She then told officers that “You’ve just ruined our fricking day!”. 

“You need to take your alcohol or we’ll move it swiftly away from you.”

The police officer then says “The sooner you move away from us the better day you’ll probably have. Just go and enjoy yourself somewhere else.”

Sussex Police later confirmed that the pair had been summoned to court after breaching the Coronavirus Act 2020.