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The Met Police have been clapping on Westminster Bridge for weeks until the public turned up and ruined things

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The Met Police have been clapping on Westminster Bridge for weeks until the public turned up and ruined things

The Met Police have been showing their support on Westminster Bridge now for four Thursdays to simply clap for the NHS.

But this Thursday the event was over shadowed by members of the public who simply did not stay at home to protect the NHS the very people they are clapping for.

Now the event was fairly safe officers, fire crews, ambulance crews and the RNLI would show up to clap at 8pm.

But members of the public squeezed in and broke the social distancing rules which now means the even may not be allowed to happen again.

The Commissioner of the Met Police Clarissa Dick was on the Bridge to join with her force in showing solidarity to applaud the NHS.

That’s because members of the public showed up and did not socially distance and now the police are being blamed for putting lives in danger.

And well not sending those home or fining them for turning up to clap.

Meaning the whole event to create a one united stand of solidarity from the Met Police and wider emergency services has sadly back fired

We personally don’t think this event should be cancelled next week because it’s been going three weeks without compliant.

Look at how amazing this show of solidarity is as they thank the real heroes.

But we do think those members of the public that turned up should have simply stayed at home because this was not an essential journey.

But sadly this is the tweet that has caused so many complaints as member of the public turned up some with children to watch.

None of the members of the public were socially distanced and have caused great offence.

And it certainly is not a public show it’s an opportunity for our hard working emergency services to show they truly care and support the NHS.

We get it people want to show their appreciation for the NHS but do it on your doorsteps or in your own streets, not in central London.

The emergency services simply wanted to do something positive stand together and unite to simply thank the NHS.

We simply hope this event does now have to stop and that members of the public simply stay at home.

Our emergency services are doing a brilliant job and deserve that one moment in the week where they can stop and simply reflect on the hard work they are doing along with the NHS.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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