Speeding Motorist tops speeds of 151mph during Coronavirus Lockdown

Speeding Motorist tops speeds of 151mph during Coronavirus Lockdown

Police have caught a speeding driver who was travelling at speeds of 151mph over the bank holiday weekend as many roads across the UK were empty.

Detective Superintendent Andy Cox released footage of a pursuit on the M1 near London where speeds the drivers speeds reached more than double the limit.

The Motorist was clearly taking advantage of the roads and banking on traffic officers attention being drawn away from the motorways.

The driver could not have been more wrong as officers are seeing increased speeds due to the lack of cars meaning some drivers are taking advantage of the opportunity to speed while drivers currently have travel restrictions in place.

A driver was also caught travelling at 97mph in a 40mph zone on the A10, and four other motorists were spotted clocking over 100mph on the A13.

Detective Superintendent Andy Cox tweeted footage of the M1 pursuit: “Extreme speeds this wkend in #London. Many enforced including 97mph (40) on #A10

“This driver reached 151mph on #M1 before decamping car & evading on foot. We will do upmost to identify & take action.

He added: “Surely objective of a journey is to go safely from A-B?

“Yet these drivers are prepared to risk their and other peoples lives & now have consequences to their licence.

“A complacent it won’t happen to me mindset!”