Covid-19 heartless thieves are stealing food parcels from doorsteps of those shielding

Those most at risk of Covid-19 are being put at extra risk by heartless opportunist thieves.

Cleveland Police has received reports from Local Authorities and on social media that food parcels are being stolen from the doorsteps of ‘shielded’ people.

Shielded people are those that have received letters from the Government asking them to endure an extreme form of isolation to “shield” them from the worst of the Coronavirus outbreak. As part of this they receive regular food delivers to their doorsteps.

These extremely vulnerable groups include organ transplant recipients, some cancer patients, people with severe lung conditions, people with weakened immune systems and pregnant women with heart conditions.

Chief Superintendent Thom McLoughlin, Head of Local Policing at Cleveland Police, said: “Our partners at local councils and posts on social media suggest that there have been instances of food parcels being stolen from doorsteps.

“In itself this is appalling but the concern is that ultimately this may force those shielding to venture out to source food supplies putting themselves or family members at additional risk.

“I am asking that anyone who receives such parcels and has been the victim of theft call 101 to report these crimes.

“Every day our officers on the streets see evidence of communities coming together in unity against Covid-19, every Thursday we hear the clapping for our amazing NHS and carers, and we see story after story on social media of heroism and sacrifice. We will not let the actions of a few heartless criminals tarnish the work of so many and we will make every effort to bring them to justice.”