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Coronavirus: West Midlands Police Officer is moved from Intensive Care

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Some positive news this evening West Midlands Police Officer is moved from intensive care.

Chief Supt Phil Dolby who oversees the Criminal Justice Services within West Midlands Police was admitted to hospital suffering Coronavirus symptoms.

The Chief Supt has tweeted about his experience of Coronavirus very seriously.

Before developing coronavirus symptoms the Chief Supt tweeting that the force was taking social distancing, home working and clear desk policy very serious as he tweeted images of a usually busy office empty.

The officer then shared his concerns about the UK not taking the virus seriously after a large number of images appeared within the UK press showing large crowds in public places.

Tweeting “Almost every paper today has front page pictures of crowds yesterday at different locations across the UK. Come on Britain! this is not a game.

“This is not a holiday. Those people may be responsible for someone being ill or tragically worse. Fun’s over – Time to grow up now…”

Sadly the Chief Supt then announced he had now developed coronavirus like symptoms describing having never been ill like this before. However, he took time to commend his officers which lifted his spirits seeing the great work they did across social media.

Tweeting “Day 6 of this horrible virus. Never been ill like this before. Symptoms keep taking it in turns to have primacy for a while. Like a microscopic tag team.

“Genuinely having spirits life by the great work of my @WMPolice colleagues are doing + the cakes left on step by @fireaemsWMP”

By day seven the officer was suffering what he described as suffering breathing which was “increasingly difficult & worrying” despite having a really high temperature the officer felt really cold and sought medical advice.

They discussed hospital as an option by wanted to try some steroids first.

He Tweeted “Day 7 – breathing increasingly difficult & worrying. Rang 111 & the Dr was EXCELLENT.

“Discussed hospital but going to try some steroids first. Had some anxious moments in last 24 hrs.

“I’ve looked better too! Temp of 37.9 but somehow still feel really cold. As Danny Zuko sang”

A number of hours later on day 7 the officer suffered some frightening episodes of breathlessness and felt dizzy and called 101.

This resulted in an ambulance being called and oxygen to help support the breathlessness.

Tweeting “Late Day 7. Some frightening episodes of breathlessness and dizziness. 111 called an ambo. Conveyed by @OFFICIALWMAS to hospital.

“Now got oxygen mask, canulars, blood test, COVID tests, chest x-ray and some snory neighbours. Shame as it is daughters 15th birthday today. #Covid_19

That was the last we heard from Chief Supt Phil Dolby who we now know has experienced a really rough ride in hospital.

His condition sadly worsened and he was taken in to the intensive care unit at the hospital to receive expert treatment and around the clock care.

Phil’s seriously ill and required the support of a ventilator for 13 days.

We are now pleased to report that Phil is back on the mend having been taken out of intensive care and transferred to a ward.

We are pleased Phil is now on the road to recovery and are pleased to see his health is improving.

What great news for the policing family and the Twitter community who follow Phil on his very active Twitter account.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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