Coronavirus: Mum wakes up from a coma to find she has given birth

Coronavirus: Mum wakes up from a coma to find she has given birth.

A mother has coronavirus has given birth while she was in a medically induced coma.

Angela Primachenko aged 27 who is from Vancouver in Washington caught Covid-19 in March.

He condition became so serious that she had to be placed into a medically induced coma and placed onto a ventilator. She was 33 weeks pregnant.

Angela who is a respiratory therapist condition became so bad that the docotrs believed the right this would be to place her into a coma at the Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Centre.

When the time was right they helped deliver her baby while she was still in that coma and fighting to stay alive due to the effects of Coronavirus.

Soon after Angela recovered from Coronavirus and was discharged she wrote “7 days in the hospital. 10 days intubated. Thousands of prayers later I am home and it feels so good!!!!!”

Both baby and mum are now doing very well.

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