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Coronavirus Fines: Police update rules on daily exercise and shopping

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Police make clear reasonable reasons to be outside as coronavirus lockdown extended

Police have today made it clear in new guidelines set out by the police chiefs what counts as a “reasonable excuse” to be out and about during the coronavirus lockdown.

With a new extension of three weeks leading up to May 7th the new guidance has been released and it asks people to out just once a day to exercise but in some cases, it can be more than once or buy essential goods.

But now police have added that the need to cool off following an argument, buying alcohol, taking a pet to the vet and having a rest while out for a walk.

These now all count as a “reasonable excuse” to be outside the home to make it clearer to people leaving their homes.

Buying food to last a number of days including buying luxury items and alcohol is indeed a valid excuse and not a reason for you to be fined by the police.

You can also support a friend who needs your help you can move them into your house to allow them time to cool off following an argument.

What am i allowed to go shopping for?

  • You’re allowed to buy shopping for several days which includes luxury items and alcohol.
  • Buy a small number of staple items such as a newspaper, bread or one pint of milk.
  • You’re allowed to shop for basic items for your friend.
  • You’re allowed to buy tools and supplies to repair a damaged fence in bad weather.

Am I allowed to buy non-essential items?

If you are shopping for essential items you should not be stopped from browsing the non-essential products.

The police have been advised that it is not appropriate to stop people purchasing items which are considered to be non-essential as long as they are visiting the shop for essential items.

However, it is not reasonable to go to a DIY shop to buy supplies so you can decorate your house to tile your bathroom.

What daily exercise am I allowed to do?

  • You’re allowed to run, cycle and walk.
  • You’re allowed a walk in the countryside or within cities.
  • You’re allowed to attend your allotment.
  • You can drive to the countryside and walk but your walk must be far longer than the time it took you to drive to that location.
  • You’re allowed to stop for a rest or to eat lunch while you are on a long walk.
  • In some circumstances, you’re allowed to do more than one exercise, for example, walking a dog and going for a run.

Exercise – What exercise and I not allowed to do?

  • You cannot drive a long period and only have a brief exercise. Meaning the time it took you to drive to the location must be far less than the time it takes you to exercise.
  • You also cannot take a short walk to a beach and sit down to sunbathe if you remain there longer than it takes to walk there.
  • You’re not allowed to sunbathe in any parks but you are allowed to take a rest.
  • You exercise must involve some form of movement.

These are the official guidance that the police officers on the ground will now be following to enforce fines.

The intention is to make these rules clearer and ensure people understand what they can and cannot do to avoid getting a £60 fine.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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