Coronavirus: Family travelled from Manchester to Norton to visit family during Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus family fined, manchester, norton Cleveland police

A Family have travelled from Manchester to Norton to visit family during the coronavirus lockdowns.

The family of three were stopped by officers as were about to visit a bank and then go shopping.

Cleveland Police had been out and about speaking to people about the coronavirus in relation to policing.

Upon stopping a vehicle they discovered the driver had travelled from Manchester to Norton.

They then visited family and picked a third family member up in Thornaby after that they intended to travel to the bank and then go shopping before heading back to Manchester.

The men, aged in their thirties, were spoken to and issued with warnings, advice and fines of £60. Any unpaid fines could result in a court summons.

Inspector Darren Birkett said: “Officers have been out and about speaking with people and encouraging those who are in breach of the regulations to return home in order to save lives and protect our NHS. Officers felt that the circumstances that they were faced with in this case meant that enforcement action was necessary.

“Anyone who does not respect the regulations and refuses to comply with our officers can expect to find themselves in receipt of a fine, a summons to court or potentially both.”