Coronavirus 563 people have died in UK bringing total to 2,352

Coronavirus outbreak
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Tragically 563 people have died within the UK bringing the total to 2,352.

They have all died after they tested positive within the UK for coronavirus.

The Department of Health and Social Care announced that Coronavirus testing within the UK as of 9am on 1st April 152,979 people have been tested of which 29,474 people tested positive for the virus.

As of 5pm on March, of those who have been hospitalised in the UK have tested positive for coronavirus 2,352 people have sadly died.

You should only leave your home for essentials such as food or medicine, for work or to exercise.

You should not meet with people who live in different households even if you are in a relationship with them.

When you do, you Must keep your distance from others, this distance is 2 metres.


Government advice remains stay at home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives.