We’re more than just policing news

    Police Hour was created in 2014 and we set out with the views to create non-sensationalised balanced policing news. We think we achieved that.

    Oddly some people think we are the police, but we are not we are a media group that tries to promote positive policing.

    For the majority of our editorial coverage, we have just focused on policing and crime, but we know people within policing don’t want to just read about crime and policing news.

    We know you want information on joining the police, getting promoted in the police and you’d also like to ready about other non-policing related things.

    So over the next few weeks, you’ll start to see more content that is not just policing news. We’ll clearly mark them as non-policing news and they’ll sit within their own section of the website so if your only interested in the policing news you’ll only see the policing news.

    As we brace for comments when we release non-policing related content saying what has this got to do with the police just remember we originally set up police hour for police officers to read, cops don’t want to always read about crime news.

    We grew beyond police officers and fully respect that a lot of you want to read crime news but we won’t be dropping any of that content.

    We will focus on positive, engaging content that is not always about policing and we hope you’ll enjoy the different content types that we’ll soon be offering while we still stick to our core news.

    After all that’s the reason you stuck with us in the first place.