Thugs target staff nurse car as she works around the clock at James Cook Hospital

Whoever did this you should be utterly ashamed of your actions but the likelihood is you could not give a hoot because you are a waste if air.

A Staff Nurse at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough who wishes to remain anonymous has told Police Hour of how disheartened an incident the nurse

With everything that is going on within the world the last thing a nurse wants after coming back to their car after a long and busy shift is to see that the car they own has been broken into and damaged

It’s not the first time this week that Nurses have had their cars targeted while they have been working around the clock to keep us save and save lives

In a message to Police Hour the nurse said “I’m so disheartened at work today in james cook hospital as a staff nurse with all the pressure the NHS are already under and someone has done this to my car .”

Shamefully This should not be happening these thugs clearly do not care.

James Cook Hospital needs to urgently review security measures and increased police activity within the Hospital to ensure this does not happen.

Volunteers have offered to help patrol the car park to prevent this from happening to ensure nurses do not leave finish a hard days work to come out to find their cars have been broken into and targeted.