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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thinking out loud… How are you coping in lockdown?

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Thinking out loud... How are you coping in lockdown? 6
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood writes crime and policing news and graduated Teesside Uni with a degree in Crime & Investigation.

We are now living in times that we never expected we’d see in our lifetime, let alone 2020.

Not many people really believed Coronavirus would hit the UK, those that did wanted all flights cancelled.

At first we all carried on with life as we know it as normal. We carried on meeting our family and friends sharing hugs, coffees and drinks in local businesses.

Then all of a sudden it was here. We starting talking about it more and more.

The schools closed and rainbows appeared on windows with messages of hope and positive messages.

Thinking out loud... How are you coping in lockdown? 1
Credit: The Annexe – Hartlepool

We were told to try not to meet up with families and friends and then the cafes and pubs were closed and that is the moment it really began to hit home for most of us.

We now knew it was a serious situation Coronavirus was here and it was very serious. A lot of people were now in hospital and catching it day by day.

We’d soon learn that the people who society had least valued were the people who’d be named as key workers and these would be the people who would keep the country going, The undervalued now felt valued.

We found a new pride and appreciation for key workers, emergency service workers and NHS workers who braved it everyday to keep us going and keep us safe putting their own safety and risking it all for us.

It was like the pause button was hit on life as we know it. Banned from meeting people who don’t live within our houses including our family and friends.

We were told we’d only be able to leave the house for four very limited reasons. If we failed to follow these rules we could be fined.

The reality of 2020 is being fined for leaving the house if it’s non-essential reasons although a common sense approach would be adopted by the police issuing the fines.

We really need to stay at home to stop the spread of the virus and protect people from dying before their time.

Some carried on with life as normal not taking the situation serious hosting parties and meeting in public spaces, some displayed awful behaviour and assaulted supermarket workers but society stepped in and outshined them with the power of community.

Police Shut down party

This was the reality of situation but this is not a virus to be joked about hundreds of thousands of people have died across the world, the death toll in England has already topped a thousand and we are told it will get worse before it get’s better.

At the moment we face a three weeks lockdown but how do you ensure you stay healthy and of sane mind during these odd times.

People have made the most of this and developed online communities, online pubs have opened, bingo, DJ sets and live music communities have come together within an online world like never before.

In 2020 we really discovered and learnt the importance of family and friends and how we can stay connected by using Face-time and House Party.

Many launching quiz nights with family and friends on Zoom and House Party to keep the fun going.

It’s odd when the only interaction with your closest family and friends is via a screen, Not being able to visit them and not knowing how long it’s going to be for.

Visits to supermarkets and petrol stations are now one of the oddest experiences and it’s really when you visit these places you know how vulnerable we are how easily a virus has spread.

Thinking out loud... How are you coping in lockdown? 2
Credit: Trevor Sherwood

Social distancing was enforced meaning we can’t stand within 2 metres of anyone else unless they live in the same household as you lines would be drawn across supermarket floors and you’d have to line up 2 metres apart to be allowed in as another customer came out.

Coronavirus is really going to change everyones outlook and the way we do things.

Communities have really come together and shown to everyone that people really do care and will support and help each other whenever they can. People donated food and money to help support those that needed it the most.

Thinking out loud... How are you coping in lockdown? 3