Police Shut down a “massive party” on Saturday night

Police Shut down party

Police were forced to shut down a what they described as a “massive party” with 25 people which was deliberately ignoring orders to self isolate during the coronavirus outbreak.

In a tweet, police officers in the Derby West Response Unit shared their “absolute shock” at discovering the illicit celebration on Saturday night in which 25 adults and children were gathered.

People within the address were having a full party which was complete with loud speakers and a karaoke despite government orders to stay at home and not to mix with anyone that you do not live with.

Police took the photos and uploaded them to Twitter which showed a buffet and two music speakers.

Officers ordered the address to be dispersed and they then officer words of “dealt with” the hosts of the party. Police Shut down party


“It is clear people are still having complete disregard for the Government advice and rules,” police added.

The UK has been in lockdown since last Monday, when non-essential businesses were asked to close and people were told they should only leave their homes for a certain number of reasons.

People should only leave to get essential groceries, for medical reasons, if they are a critical worker and need to travel to their job, or for exercise once a day.