Police powers to arrest and enforce self-isolation for those not self-isolating with Coronavirus symptoms

The government are planning new laws to give the police the power to arrest coronavirus carries who refuse to self-isolate.

Matt Hancock has said that the government would “stop at nothing” to minimise the spread of Covid-19.

He confirmed a report that an emergency law is to be published next Thursday that will include giving police the power to arrest infected citizens.

Minsters have also developed plans which lay out a number of measures that his department and downing street are considering.

This includes the closure of bars, restaurants and shops with supermarkets and pharmacies allowed to stay open.

He is also planning protection for those most at risk over 70s could be asked to stay indoors for upto four months.

“We are going to take the powers to make sure that we can quarantine people if they are a risk to public health, yes, and that’s important,” Mr Hancock explained.

“I doubt that actually we will need to use it much because people have been very responsible.”

The emergency legislation will be introduced on Tuesday in a Bill, before being published later in the week.