Lockdown depends on UK’s Behaviour

Lockdown depends on the UK’s Behaviour Michael Gove has said.

He confirmed that the length of the lockdown is not fixed but depends on the behaviour of the public.

Michael Gove has refused to put a timescale on the Coronavirus lockdown but said if people follow the guidelines then the period could be shortened.

He told Sky News  “There are different projections as to how long the lockdown might last. But it’s not the case that the length of the lockdown is something that is absolutely fixed.

“It depends on all of our behaviour. If we follow the guidelines, we can deal more effectively with the spread of the disease.”

Mr Gove also confirmed that the government would not rule out stronger rules across if needed.

All the current rules that the government are following are being led by scientific models who are plotting the spread of the virus.

Mr Gove said he would not help the preparations to pre-empt them before we need to. He went on to say the the UK must prepare for “a significant period” of lockdown.