Is the time now right to put the UK on Lock Down?

Is now the time to LockDown the UK as The number of people who have died in the UK after testing positive for coronavirus has risen by 48 to 281.

Following the closure of pubs, cafes and restaurants members of the public have continued to gather in public spaces.

Boris Johnson has said that if people cannot use parks and public spaces observing the 2-metre rule he will take further action.

A number of pubs have continued to open and a number of people have not followed the guidance of socially distancing.

#lockdownUKnow has been trending on Twitter across the day with members of the British public calling upon Boris Johnson to Lock Down the UK.

Londoners show that they are not socially distancing as they descend on Richmond Park.

Supermarkets across the UK are getting busier and busier with no one socially distancing.

Brian made the point that the UK is now on par with Italy, reminding us that they locked downed after 7 days.

Em tweeted that if i have learned anything from this pandemic, it is that British people are the most selfish, ignorant people in the world. if the government has advised you to stay inside, stay inside, this is not a joke. People are dying! when will people realise?

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