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Forgotten Veterans no veteran who has served our country should be abandoned and left homeless

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This is heartbreaking and empowering. Three members of the public have gotten together to support a homeless veteran living on the beach in Hartlepool.

We want to help raise as much money as we can to support and help people like Paul and other veterans like Paul living on the streets.

Sadly no veteran who has served our country should be left abandoned and left homeless.

Documentary filmmaker Paul Suggitt who is currently filming Street Forgotten Veterans Street Soldier met up with Armed Forces supporter Jamie Horton and Stitch Taylor having received information that a man named Paul was living on a beach.

Paul Suggitt said “Last night, I met up with Jaime Horton and Stitch Taylor after they were contacted about a homeless veteran living or more to the point surviving on the beach.

“The veteran’s name is Paul and he served in the Gulf on behalf of our country and this is how he was left once he became a civvy. It’s a fucking disgrace.

“Paul, we massively appreciate your service to your country.

Paul said he has filmed the encounter to raise awareness of veteran’s living on the streets and to raise some money to help people like paul get a home and a roof over his head.

Paul Added “Please share to get awareness out there about our veterans who are simply abandoned once they return to civvy street!

Paul made it clear that the footage would not have been broadcast if paul had not consented to the footage being shot.

Jamie Horton who has been working with homeless veterans across the North East of England and because of this became aware of the gentleman called Paul and wanted to support and help him.

Jamie is now wanting to take action and had identified a building in Hartlepool that she believes could be used to put back to use and assist our homeless people but now needs fundraising to secure the building and restore it so that it is safe for people to live within.

Jamie Horton Said “Please Help support the work we do to provide accommodation for veterans & our Homeless, sleeping ruff on the streets.

“We are looking for cash donations, furniture, volunteers to help run the building, training g providers to train people up any donation or assistance would be amazing

“The quicker we can get the funds together the sooner we can be offering people a roof over their head the support they so dearly need and with your help we can keep people of the streets.

“No one is should be on the street living ruff. No one should feel guilty for not being able to provide a roof over there head.

“It’s about time we stand together and offer the help & support needed and house people the same day they present themself as homeless not having to be told sorry we can’t help you, or take weeks to get them accommodated.

“They are homeless right now and need the support today not next week.”

Jamie said she will use the donations to pay for a building to house the homeless and furnish it. to have support workers on-site to assist them and help them get back on their feet and back into employment”

The project is looking to offer immediate temporary accommodation for up to 28 days or longer if needed.

If you would like to help raise money for this project please click here. 

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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