Dear Boris Johnson suspend our business & household bills… if we are locked down

We want assurances from Boris Johnson that he will suspended all business and household bills if we are placed on full lock down within the UK.

We are urging Boris to follow the example set by French President Emmanuel Macron who has placed France on full lockdown after declaring ‘We are at war with the coronavirus’.

Police Hour is calling for assurances that no firm within the United Kingdom will be put at risk of closing and if they do face closure they must be supported.

We are also calling for the suspension of rent, taxes and household bills to assure people who are worried about paying the bills.

We would like to see suspended payment of taxes, rent, social charges, water, electricity, and gas.

Business will not be earning wages so will struggle to pay staff such assurances will ensure that the coronavirus will not place families and businesses at risk.

People across the UK are rightly worried about how they are going to be paid and if they’ll be able to cover their bills.

Even more so people are worried about whether or not the companies they work for will survive the UK coronavirus outbreak.

If you believe and support our calls for assurances shall the UK be placed on Lockdown then please share this content across your social media.