Coronavirus alert nurses uniform in plastic ‘biobag’ stolen in burglary could spread the virus

A Coronavirus nurse working at the Darlington Memorial Hospital who is dedicated to the Covid-19 ward has had her uniform stolen in a burglary.

There is a risk to who ever has stolen the bag can catch coronavirus or anyone the uniform comes into contact with

The uniform was uncleaned and sat in a Biobag ready to be washed after the nurse had finished at shift on a coronavirus ward.

The burglary is believed a break in took place between midnight and 5.30am on Saturday morning (28th of March) on Neville Road in Darlington.

It’s understood a white Cannondale road bike, clothing, a laptop, electric guitar, and motorbike leathers and helmet were taken.

A plastic ‘biobag’ containing the nurse’s uniform, which had not been cleaned since finishing a shift the night before, was also believed to be among the items taken.

Officers say there is a risk whoever took it could become infected and put others at risk.

They’re being urged to come forward immediately.