Cleveland Police confirm they have issued Coronavirus lockdown fines

Cleveland Police issues lockdown fines

Cleveland Police have confirmed that they have already issued lockdown fines and would continue to use a ‘common sense approach’ when applying the new measures.

They have issued 8 fines within the 48 hours since the new government measures were introduced.

Police have not confirmed which areas or for what reason the fines were issued or if any arrests were made in relation to the lockdown measures.

The fines were handed out after Boris Johnson granted the new powers that enabled police to issue fines for those who failed to follow the lockdown instructions.

Community Safety Chief Inspector, Scott Cowie reiterated the message that people must remain home unless it was necessary for them to be outside.

He said: “Whilst we now have the powers to enforce protection in order to help save lives and protect our NHS, policing by consent is at the heart of our public service.

“We will continue to encourage and support our communities to comply with the restrictions, but it’s right that our officers are now able to enforce against those who disregard these measures and put others at risk.

“We are urging people to adhere to the government’s guidelines and not to make unnecessary journeys.

“Where people are going out to exercise, they should do this in the local vicinity of their home and not travel across the county.”