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Blind Chicken and Pit Bull forge incredible freindship

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An unlikely pair a Blind Chicken and a Pit Bull have forged an unlikely but incredible friendship. You’d assume that the dog would make a quick meal of the chicken but the pair have created an unbreakable bond.

Christa Hubbard took the chicken home on day in her arms and made her part of the family. They named the Chicken Peri. About six months later an eye infection the family did everything they could to help the Peri recover including medication, eye drops but Peri sight could not be saved.

Blind Chicken and Pit Bull forge incredible freindship 1

Christa then made adjustments to hep her after losing her sight which included bowls on a rug that make noise, special roosting bars and an ottoman in the living room and then an extra large ottoman in the bed room on an evening next to Christa bed.

When Christa and the family was not home they’d hire a nanny to keep an eye on the Peri.

Blind Chicken and Pit Bull forge incredible freindship 2

But soon a special relationship developed between the family dog named Taj and Peri, Taj appeared to begin helping the Peri around the house.

He did not seem to want to eat the Peri we know many other dogs would not think twice. Taj began helping Peri find her way around the house, they nap together and even sunbath together.

Blind Chicken and Pit Bull forge incredible freindship 3

After spending a number of years together Taj sadly passed away in 2018 and Peri was lost without her own friend and guide dog.

Lost with what to do for Peri who was a little sad about the situation they decided to get two pit bull puppies and raise them to take over Taj duties.Blind Chicken and Pit Bull forge incredible freindship 4

The chicken then become friends again with one of the dogs Gracie and now they have a similar bond to that of Taj. Gracie now helps gather Peri’s toys and navigates her around the house just to make sure she is guided.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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