Air Pollution across New York City falls rapidly as people stay home with coronavirus outbreak

Air Pollution is dropping across the world and in New York City air pollution has already dropped by 50%.

It’s because people are staying at home due to the coronavirus and not taking to the roads which has lead to a dramatic drop in the level of carbon monoxide in the air, which is a dangerous gas produced from vehicle emissions.

At the same time, levels of nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere over China have dropped by about 40 per cent,  according to the European Space Agency, who shared a staggering satellite animation showing the change.

Researchers from Columbia University found that the level of carbon monoxide in New York City fell by nearly 50 per cent year-on-year as the level of traffic on the streets dropped by 35 per cent since the coronavirus outbreak.

The air quality improvements in New York came as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the Big Apple doubled to 1,871 in 24 hours between Tuesday and Wednesday and are expected to rise further today.

However, as the quarantine begins to lift ESA say emissions are already starting to increase over parts of China.

It’s unlikely these lower pollution levels will last. Scientists warn that once economic activity ramps up again the pollution levels will return to ‘normal’.