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PC Edward Walker is helping rebuilding shattered lives as the official cops liaison bear

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PC Edward Walker is still travelling the length and breadth of the UK raising awareness for the Care of Police Survivors Charity.

Since being starting his travels at Durham Police almost three years ago Edward continues to be well known within the Twitter community.

He is going from strength to strength to raise awareness for the charity while showing the lighter side of policing.

Where has Edward Been these last few weeks?

Looks Like Edward has a secret admirer. Someone has sent him some Valentines love. Maybe it could be PC Honey Bear? Who knows! After all, he is a Twitter celebrity these days.

Edward had plenty of fun with Chief Constable Simon Cole as they worked together on business and even met with Penny Lancaster who happens to be the official Patron of COPS.

It’s the second time Penny and Edward has met with each other during his travels.

He enjoyed getting on with business and meeting the team he was to be working with over the next couple of months.

Edward is really enjoying he senior leadership role as he attends a weekly conference call on UK Digital Policing.

He made the assurance board meeting to discuss all things policing

His dream moment came again when he managed to meet up with Penny Lancaster for the second time as he attended the Cops Winter Ball.

About Edward Walker 

PC Edward Walker was originally donated and set off from Durham Police by Diane Lewis and he still continues to travel today who was was of the founding creators of the charity idea. He was officially handed over to UK Cops in late 2019 after Police Hour handed over the reins of his movements.

PC Edward Walker is helping rebuilding shattered lives as the official cops liaison bear 1

Diane came up with the idea after she had followed the success of Charlie Bear a teddy that tours hospitals in Newcastle when she was a nurse. She wanted to launch the tour in memory of her husband Detective Steve Lewis who was a retired Manchester police officer.

She sought the advice and help from a friend and Police Hour to get

PC Edward Walker is helping rebuilding shattered lives as the official cops liaison bear 2
Credit: Steve Lewis

everything off the ground and running

Initially, Edward was going to be named Steve Lewis but as we were using a cops product which was named in memory of another police officer who had fallen in the line of duty we felt this was disrespectful and would run the tour in memory of steve rather than in name.

The charity Care of Police Survivors was close to both Diane & Steves heart, in his memory and in the memory of PC Edward Walker she launched the PC Edward Walker tour now known as the PC Edward Tour after the original teddy was raffled to raise funds for COPS.

Our Coverage

Police Hour was key to the planning and movements of each stage of Edward we were given the idea and we made it work, Now he’s in the hands of the Charity COPS.

We first reported that Ted Cop had set off on his tour to raise funds for cops and he did, we managed to raise £750 in total before he became more of a mascot for COPS.

Ted Cop sets off on his tour to raise funds for COPS Charity

We celebrated his two years on the road, his probation was over. He is now a fully-fledged cop and cops officially begin supporting the charity efforts and adopt him within their official PR to raise further awareness and support for the charity.

What an amazing two years it’s been for Eddy… He’s now heading to COPS

The most memorable part of the tour has to be the West Midlands Police tour, whereby Edward was raffled at the end of the Police Twitter Awards to raise a further £300 for COPS landing at his new home in Manchester.

PC Edward Walker is loving life at West Yorkshire Police

But like all things Edward was not meant to come to an end, a new bear was donated by UK COPS and he continued his journey to raise even more awareness.

If you would like to support the PC Edward Walker Tour then you can buy your very own from the COPS Store. 

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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