Mother battered Toddler’s head off his crib on the side of a crib & smothered his mouth because he ‘wouldn’t go to sleep’

An American mother smashed her 16-month-olds son’s head off the side of his crib to try and stop him crying and get him to sleep, instead, she caused him to become brain-dead because of the sheer force attack.

Police arrested Chelsea Olinger aged 27 three days after she took her unresponsive son into an emergency department in Mankato, Minnesota claiming he had been seriously hurt after he had taken a tumble down the stairs.

Two arrested after baby left with ‘mushy skull’ after horror ‘beating’

Emergency medics reported that the baby tot was not breathing when he arrived and did not have a pulse when he arrived. He is still fighting for his life.

Medics quickly discovered he was bleeding on the brain and had seven fractured ribs, two broken vertebrae and a lacerated liver.

Despite these injuries, she still claimed her son had fallen down the stairs until she then decided to change her story and said she “may” have hit her son’s head on the side of his crib and then smothered him by holding her hand over his mouth to stop him crying.