Missing six year old found murdered days after going missing on bus

Missing six year-old Faye Swetlik has been sadly found murdered near the body of a male who is believed to be her neighbor.

Chief Byron Snellgrove from the Cayce Department of Public Safety – the local police force – told a press conference: ‘It is with extremely heavy hearts we announce we have found the body of Faye Marie Swetlik.’

Snellgrove’s voice trembled with emotion as he made the heartbreaking announcement.

Faye’s body was reportedly found at the home of a man who lives in her neighborhood, although authorities did not say whether that man was the same individual whose body they found. He has not yet been named, and police have not said how he died, or whether he is suspected of killing Faye.

Snellgrove said police are now treating the case as a homicide and added that they have notified Faye’s family about the tragic news.

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