Danger to Life warning issued as Storm Dennis brings in perfect storm

It does not seem too long since last weekends Storm Ciara but now another storm is heading in called Storm Dennis which looks to be stronger than last weekend.

A danger to life warning has been issued and the threat level raised to Amber. The storm will bring heavy rain and strong winds which are expected across the UK.

The storm will bring with it what is described as a ‘weather bomb’ which basically means a low-pressure system which deepens more than 24 millibars in 24 hours.

Low pressure brings unsettled weather and causes heavy rainfall. tonight the pressure will drop to about 1,020 millibars which basically means that it could reach the lowest pressure which was ever recorded which was in the North Atlantic.

The storm will bring winds of 50 to 50 mph which will increase to about 70mph as the night gets on.

This will also bring heavy rain caused by the low pressure which makes the risk of flooding high in some areas.

The main issue is Storm Ciara caused widespread flooding with some areas having not fully recovered which means these areas will be very sensitive to further flood if we have heavy rainfall.

It is expected that 100 to 120 millimetres of rain could fall which is the same as a months rain falling in just one weekend.

Emergency Services will be working and braving the elements to keep us safe, so please don’t take any unnecessary risks that will put our emergency workers in direct danger.