Cakes… Police car crashes into Chinese Restaurant

A Police car responding to an emergency incident has crashed into a Chinese Restaurant.

The incident was first reported by Your Southend, which showed images of the police car and the extent of the damage.

Image Credit: Your Southend – Facebook

Police confirmed that an Essex Police Response car hit the Fortune Garden on London Road in Leigh-on-Sea at 8pm on Sunday evening.

The car had been travelling on blue lights and sirens when it collided with another vehicle before leaving the road.

Image Credit: Your Southend – Facebook

Essex County Fire and Rescue attended the crash, along with paramedics, but no-one is thought to have been seriously hurt.

However, the driver of the police car sustained a broken thumb, police said.

London Road was closed after the collision but has since reopened.

How many cake fines is this for the officers responding to the incident?

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