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We are never going to arrest our way out of knife crime and drug dealing because police have created the problem

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Let’s be honest kids are killing kids on average in London three young people mostly young black men are being murdered each week.

They are being murdered because they are involved in drug dealing. They fight with each other because there is money in drug dealing and want to control patches.

Young people are being hunted down like animals by packs by other young people. They get hold of them and beat them up they stab them in the anus so they have to wear colostomy bags.

Some young men don’t make it and die on the streets. They are working in ways that you’d have to have a North Korean style policing to catch them.

It is young black men who are dying and black young men are killing each other.

Having more police officers and more police spending won’t stop this, it may mask it but the tactics used have been created by the police.

What needs to happen cannot be fixed by spending more on policing, yes cuts have had an impact but the way in which we police has created the problem the answer has to be youth and social care.

The cuts to policing are a mere shadow of what has been cut to local authority budgets we need to help those who are killing people and those who are being left to die on the streets.

Arresting these people won’t make a difference because as soon as those people are off the streets two more drug dealers will pop up and they will fight with each other to see who is the most violent often the weakest ends up dead.

Mike Barton

The Ex-Cheif Constable of Durham has admitted that the rise is knife crime and drug activity is the fault of the police.

It is not just the fault of the police but it was his fault because he has been involved in drug bidding

Mike Barton is well known for not beating around the bush and always provides a frank and honest answer.

We are never going to arrest our way out of knife crime and drug dealing because police have created the problem 1

Mike Barton was the Chief Constable of Durham Police he was not afraid of patroling on the beat single crewed and could regularly be spotted patrolling Durham City Centre on a Saturday afternoon without a stab vest, batton or cuffs.

His charm delighted locals and his smiled beamed the streets of Durham.

Barton told a BBC Question Time debate on Knife Crime that it is his fault in a response to a question he was asked.

We are never going to arrest our way out of knife crime and drug dealing because police have created the problem 2

He said : “This is my fault, this is the fault of police because for 39 years, I’ve done your bidding.

“I’ve locked up a lot of drug dealers, and when I’ve locked them up, I’ve put them in the court and they’ve been put away for a long time.

“But two hours after I have locked them up, behind my back two more violent drug dealers have tried to take over the patch.

“And the most violent one has won.

“So I then go after the most violent drug dealer and this is a Darwinian spiral of violence.”

He added: “We’ve created that because we’ve done their bidding.

“We are never going to arrest our way out of this problem.

“Of course the police have got a role to play. Of course, we have to investigate crime and of course, the attacks must be investigated to the fullest extent.”


Has the way we police drug dealers created a knife crime epidemic?

Has the way we police drug dealers created a knife crime epidemic across England? Have the senior cops been getting it wrong all these years and created the new knife crime culture which means kids are murdering kids over street drugs?

For years senior police officers planning undercover operations have been running policing operations using undercover police officers, these officers traded and dealt drugs with the undercover cops.

A lot of cops lived with gang members for years, working alongside them and dealing and buying drugs with the.

Has this approach forced drug gangs to recruit teenagers who are the most vulnerable in society sending them on the streets, subjecting them to violence and beatings if they loose drugs or money and then arming them with a knife for their own projection?

With instructions to stab any other child who sells on their patch, try to stab them, try to take their drugs or their money.

Why are the dealers using children?

Young teenagers both male and female are very vulnerable and will be easily influenced, less likely to be caught by the police and the teenagers will not be able to foresee the risk they are doing with their role.

They target young black lads, with single parents who are from the poorest of backgrounds offering them money but force them to stay because they risk violent beatings.

For years police officers used undercover cops, meaning they were able to work with the adult dealers on the streets to gain an understanding of the connections of crime gangs. Officers were able to work hard and work their way up the crime gangs ladder to gain access to the dealers and inturn learn and gather evidence which would one day result in many arrests being made and convictions.

This forced crime gang leaders to sack the adults and replace them with children, who they employed as drug runners offering the poorest good money and clothing but they’d be heavily controlled and could one face paying the ultimate price of being stabbed to death for the job they do.

Employing younger teens means the drug leaders can pay the teens much less but a teen dealer is still expected to earn over £1000 a week.

We need more investment in youth provision and targeted engagement to reduce the risk of teenagers from becoming part of the growing drug trade.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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