You are joining us Live from Birmingham from the Steelhouse Lane Lockup a victorian mini-prison.

Where members of the public and police officers are taking part in the second annual event at the Steelhouse Lane lockup to raise thousands of pounds for the Care of Police Survivors (COPS) a charity which is dedicated to helping the families of police officers who have lost their lives on duty rebuild their lives.

Half of the money raised will also be going to the West Midlands Police Museum which will use the funds to relocate the lockup and give advice to children on knife crime, drugs, online safety and child sexual exploitation.

Last year’s event raised a whopping £6,059 in total and it is hoped that tonight’s event can raise even more. If you can help please donate.

One of those police officers who is spending the night in prison is Police Constable Chris Green who has traveled from the northeast to spend the night raising thousands for charity.

Who is behind the event?

Julia Berry AKA Jules has relentlessly arranged tonight’s event for the past two years. We are all awaiting the announcement of a third event.

She is an incredible lady who gives and does a lot for a charity she is very active on Twitter but uses her following to raise awareness of her charity work.

Jules also happens to be the mummy bear behind PC Eddie Walker who also raises awareness for the Care of Police Survivors charity.

Julia Berry AKA Jules Lockup Lockin

Police Hour has already made a significant donation towards the event and it’s hoped you can support the Care of Police Survivors and fallen officers too.

Tonight to ensure as much money as possible and awareness of the event is raised we’ll be live-tweeting the event, after all, it’s all about having fun and raising thousands of pounds for the Care of Police Survivors.

Live Updates

Cleveland Police are currently dealing with a ongoing disturbance involving a large number of youths this is the fourth night of incidents in the same area involving a large number of youths.


Had a great discussion with @dianabarran about how @corganisers plays a pivotal role in our plans for a sustainable future combining support from @BigLocalDykeHse, @peoplesbiz & @teesvalleycf to transform #DykeHouse. Pleasure to give her honorary membership of #COHartlepool too!


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Who’s taking part?

A huge well done to everyone else who is staying inside the Steelhouse Lane lock up and taken part in Lock Up Lock In 2020.

You’ve all worked hard to raise thousands of pounds for charity your efforts have been incredible and your bravery to spend the night away from your families on your rest days is commendable.

  • Alan and Bella the dog
  • Marion Smith
  • Simon Chiou
  • Special Constable Rhiannon
  • James & Louise Higgins
  • Mary-Anne Thompson
  • Team Durham Cops
  • Wendy Hewkin
  • Worcester Custody Sergeant
  • Julia Berry
  • Dominic Hill
  • Laura Roberts
  • Diane Fairclough
  • Dee M
  • Russ Barnes
  • Maria
  • Toni, Jo & Louise
  • Shannon Rogers
  • UKCH Twitter Guru
  • Tim Buckley
  • Jan Russel
  • Kev Rowlatt
  • Chris Cheeseman
  • Aishia Bell
  • Racheal Padget
  • Mike Kenworthy
  • Katie Worrall
  • Gemma Harman
  • Jodie Duffy
  • Shannara Donnelly
  • Brady Stewart
  • Sarah Cannings
  • MPS Tooting
  • C and Dee Daniels
  • Tony Murray
  • Lauren Taylor
  • Chris Ormsby
  • Nick Davies
  • Laura-Duthie Coupar
  • Richard Proctor
  • Michelle
  • Sharon Cogley

If you would like to make a donation and support the event please ensure you donate you sponsor those doing the event. 

Please help Jules and the team smash the £6000 they raised last year.



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