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Derek Acorah: Most Haunted TV medium sadly dies aged 69

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Derek Acorah: Most Haunted TV medium sadly dies aged 69 3
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood writes crime and policing news and graduated Teesside Uni with a degree in Crime & Investigation.

Most Haunted TV medium Derek Acorah has sadly died at the age of 69 following what has been described as a “very brief illness”.

Gwen Acorah Johnson made the sad announcement on facebook confirming that her husband had been in intensive care after falling into a coma.

She wrote: “Farewell my love! I will miss you forever! I’m devastated to announce that my beloved husband Derek has passed away after a very brief illness.

“Thank you so much to everybody who has supported me – I can never thank you enough.”

During part of the statement, she had suggested that her husband had been targeted by online trolls before his death.

Most recently in 2017 Derek whose real name is Derek Johnson appeared on Celebrity Big Brother where he finished in fourth place.

Born in Bootle, Merseyside, in 1950, Acorah featured in regular segments on the 1996 TV show The Psychic Zone before he became a contributor on spin-off Psychic Livetime.

He presented Predictions With Derek Acorah early on in his TV career and hosted the paranormal reality TV series Most Haunted in 2001, which ran for six series.

Predictions with Derek Acorah, in which he conducted readings with members of the public in their own homes, became a frontrunner for paranormal investigation programmes.

Years later, he fronted Michael Jackson: The Live Seance, in which he attempted to contact the singer’s spirit.


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