Boris Johnson’s deal set to become law as it clears House Of Lords

It has been Three and a half years since Britons back Brexit and voted to leave the EU.

Today Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is set to get royal assent and become law.

The bill has now cleared the final hurdle in parliament enabling Britain to leave the EU on January 31st.

After Britons backed Brexit in the 2016 referendum the Withdrawal Agreement bill is set to be given royal assent and become law within days.

Mr Johnson’s deal still needs to be ratified by the European Parliament ahead of Brexit day.

But barring unforeseen circumstances, Britain’s 47-year membership of the bloc will come to an end next Friday.

Furnished with a large Commons majority in the wake of his general election victory, the PM steered the bill through the lower chamber earlier this month.

It then went to the Lords, with peers in the upper chamber.

Once Britain has left the EU, both sides will enter into an 11-month transition period.

During this time, the UK will continue to follow the bloc’s rules and regulations while the terms of its future relationship are worked out.