The mother of Baby P is apparently being closely guarded by prison officers after it has been revealed she is subjected to threats being targeted with Hot Water and Sugar attacks.

Guards are having to escort her from cell to dining room under close protection under fears she will be attacked.

It follows the news that Baby P’s mother Tracey Connelly to remain in jail after being denied parole for third time

Baby P mother faces hot water and sugar attack threats after parole refuse 1

Tracey Connelly, 37, was jailed indefinitely with a minimum term of five years in 2009 for causing or allowing her 17-month-old son Peter’s death.

She was let out on licence in 2013, but sent back to prison for breaching her parole conditions in 2015.

It was feared she could be cleared for release following a third review of her case since she was recalled to prison.

Parole Board decision released on Friday said: “After considering the circumstances of her offending, the progress made while in custody and the evidence presented at the hearing, the panel’s view was that Ms Connelly was not suitable for release.