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Mum gatecrashes sons maths class to learn him about behaviour

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A mum has gatecrashed her son’s maths class to teach him a lesson or two about his behaviour at School.

his mum Becky Crandley decided to take radical action to improve her son’s behaviour in maths class.

Becky bravely decided to return to school and take a class next to her son gatecrashing his class in an attempt to stop him acting the class clown.

As part of the ‘surprise experiment’ on Friday 20 September, Becky walked into the classroom and sat alongside her son, who is in Year 8 at the Sittingbourne Community College.

During class he had been displaying a bad attitude and school and Becky had warned him that if his behaviour continued she would come and sit with him in class those threats did not work and if he did not turn his behaviour around she warned again she’d sit next to him in class.

His behaviour did not improve so after receiving emails about two further incidents Becky was left with no choice but to turn up in class unexpected.

Telling KentLive, Becky said: “It all started last year with his behaviour change, it’s part of growing up I think, but its his rudeness and disrespect I cannot stand.

“I have had phone call after phone call about his behaviour.

“He’s had an untold amount of detentions and isolations but nothing seemed to bother him.”

Mother-of-five Becky then spoke to the school and offered to come and sit with him in the last lesson of the day that Friday, which was maths.

She added: “I constantly threatened that I’d sit with him in school if needed, and he always laughed it off.

“Since they’ve been back this year I’ve had several phone calls already.

So when his maths teacher emailed last week and said about an incident, I said to her I would join him.

“He didn’t have a clue, and he was very embarrassed for sure, I was introduced as his mum.”

Taking to facebook Becky also shared the events telling her followers “Most people know I’m a big softy when it comes to my kids but I’m also straight up and try my hardest to teach them the right way in life.

Becky added: “His mummy bear has had enough for sure, my foot is down and I will not lose.

“If only I got a picture of his face when I walked in and sat down next to him, he went so red there’s nothing I can compare it to.”


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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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