A high court judge is looking ay evidence to see of the life support of a seriously ill five year-old girl should be turned off.

A dispute between the hospital and the girls family has ended in court, as the family fight for her to be kept alive.

Mr Justice MacDonald heard that Tafida Raqeed aged five has suffered very serious brain damage.

The medical team and doctors who are treating Tafida in London have said that the damage she has suffered is sadly permanent and there is no chance of recovery.

Judge to decide if five year old girls life support should be turned off 1

Bosses at Barts Health NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, think stopping “life-sustaining treatment” is in the youngster’s best interests.

Tafida’s mother, solicitor Shelina Begum, and father Mohammed Raqeeb, a construction consultant, want to move her to Gaslini children’s hospital in Genoa, Italy, and have organised funding for treatment.

Gaslini is the Italian equivalent of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, the couple say, adding that specialists there are willing to treat their daughter and believe she could emerge from her coma in a few months.

Mr Justice MacDonald is due to begin overseeing a trial at the High Court in London on Monday.