Couple caught having sex in Stagecoach cat park.

A SHAMELESS couple have been spotted romping in a Stagecoach car park in broad daylight.

Jason Livesey caught the pair having sex on the floor of the rainy car park in Stockport, Greater Manchester, on Sunday.

Stunned Jason took a photograph of a woman lying on a blue towel with one shoe off while a man wearing a hat climbed on top of her.

He shared the image on Facebook with the caption: “Just caught these scruffs shagging in the car park at work.”

Harry Seager said: “I couldn’t think of an environment where you could be less horny than a pissing wet car park in the north in practically October.”

But Jordan Cullen commended the bloke, he said: “Absolute geezer getting her to agree to that.”

Stuart Reed added: “What a gent bringing a towel for her.”

While Kat Ferguson said: “Who said romance was dead aye.”