Police looking to trace owner of trainers found on Bridge in Stockton after reports of kids jumping into water

Police announced on social media they’d recovered a pair of trainers from the Bridge on Queen Elizabeth Way in Ingleby Barwick.

If they are yours no one is in trouble they just want to check everyone is accounted for.

So if your child turns up home missing a pair of trainers please let the police know.

They’d noticed the trainers after responding to reports kids were jumping into the water.

Police said If they’re your child’s please call 101 quoting ref 120739 to let us know they’re safe!Please RT!

Cleveland Police have urged they currently have no reports of any teens unaccounted for but would like to ensure everyone is accounted for.

Cleveland Police said “parents and carers! We have not been made aware of anyone unaccounted for in the Queen Elizabeth Way area although youngsters were seen jumping into the water earlier. Please ensure you your child is safe this evening.”

The owner parents of the trainers is urged to call Cleveland Police on 101 to confirm no one has come to harm in the water and to ensure everyone is accounted for.

We’re sure Cleveland Police will also kindly return the trainers after issuing some water safety advice.

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