Teen caught speeding at 106mph needed toilet after too many hot wings

A teenager got little sympathy when he was caught speeding because he urgently needed the toilet after apparently eating too many hot wings.

The teenager told cops he was speeding because he needed the bathroom. The teen in Canada ended up landing a speeding ticket.

The 16-year-old was pulled over by police in Manitoba for driving at 106mph, according to a tweet from the local police department on Thursday.

But when the young Chevrolet Camaro driver was asked to explain his behaviour, he said he had eaten “too many hot wings and needed a bathroom”.

Officers didn’t take pity on the teenager, and fined him a total of £690 for speeding and being behind the wheel without a supervising driver.

There are “absolutely no excuses for that kind of speed,” the police department added.

In further tweets, Manitoba police said an adult was able to collect the car in order to avoid it being towed, and the teenager’s license would “most likely” be suspended.