Natasha’s Law new bill to that will protect allergy sufferers

Natasha’s law will be introduced in a bill that will protect those who suffer allergic reactions to pre-packed sandwiches.

Natasha tragically died in 2016 aged just 15 having suffered an allergic reaction to sesame in a pre-packed sandwich which was not marked with any allegeren barkers.

Her parents launched a campaign to ensure this could never happen again to ensure no one else would die in this way, By simply eating a pre-packed sandwich.

Both Tanya and Nadim Ednan-Laperouse have campaigned relentlessly for some major changes in the way cafes, shops and supermarkets across the UK label food following the sudden and tragic death of their daughter Natasha who tragically died aged 15 in 2016.

Natasha died suddenly and unexpectedly after she suffered a tragic and serve reaction to sesame on a flight between London and Nice. She did not know that the sandwich she had bought from Pret a Manager contained seeds.

She’d bought the Artichoke, olive and tapenade baguette from Heathrow Airport, it contained no labelling. Simply labelling the product would have warned Nathasa that it contained seeds it would have saved her life.

The new bill will ensure that anyone who suffers from allergies will no longer have to risk eating sandwiches which may result in serve allergies, They will soon be able to have trust in the sandwiches they are eating.

Thankfully now all pre-packed sandwiches no matter which cafe or shop they are sold it will no longer have to make an informed decision if the sandwich is now safe to eat.

Natasha’s law will prevent this from ever happening again and can only be a positive move within the food industry.