Fancy spending the night in a haunted prison to raise money for two amazing charities. Officers will spend the night in a haunted prison to raise money to support the families of fallen officers and to help reduce the crime committed by youth via the lock up facility.

PC Chris Green took on the Challenge AKA  with Team Durham & Cleveland raising thousands of pounds.

We hear The Dog Man as pictured will take on the challenge again in 2020.

The Officers will banged up at 7 pm and were released at 7 am, following a night of hauntings and ghostly goings on within side the cells. Again tonight another set of willing officers will face being locked up for 12 hours.

The prison is located at the Steel House jail in Birmingham, which was used as an active lockup until 2016. Many prisoners have been held within the prison, Some died within these walls most of them committed serious crimes such as murder and raped.

2018 Lock up Lock In 

Those police officers spent the night in the Steelhouse Lane Lock-up a Victorian mini-prison which is steeped in history, the prison was in active use for over 125 years.

Police officers from across the UK have taken on the brave challenge which will take place over two nights Friday 8th January and Saturday 9th January 2019.

Prisoners were barred from roaming the floors and walkways through the night and would be confined to their cells, many prisoners died here, significant paranormal investigations have taken place within the Lock Up since it closed. with significant activity reported on several occasions.

Cops turned prisoners will be left inside the prison alone, as the lights go out on the historic prison and will be left to fend for themselves as the night cuts in and the haunting begins.

This one is not for the faint-hearted only the bravest will survive, but once they are inside the Lock Up there is no going back.

Highlights from Lock up Lock In 2018

A quick briefing, before everyone is locked in a cell for this evening, unlike the prisoners who would of stayed here, officers are allowed to roam the darken corridors, shall they be brave enough.

Quick group photo, just after everyone was booked in for the evening, hats off to each and everyone in this photo, who have pledged some time off during their rest days, spent their own money getting here and raising thousands of pounds for chairty.

Cleveland Police The Dog Man Chris Green with Christine from COPS. It looks like PC Edward Walker is also spending the night banged up.

Durham Police Officers are joined by Cleveland Police Officer Chris Green, as they prepare to spend the night in a cell.

Mind you we wasted no time locking this guy up, he even attempted to get out the door, but he was quickly forced back into the cell, We did not allow him to walk freely he was barred from roaming, simply to protect the tea bags shouting, screaming and banging from inside his cell. No Tea for you Murray.

Come on…. What is that thing called that you place a golf ball on? Tea, go on make me a brew then. Not for you Murray.

A little bit of a ghost hunt, managed to keep people entertained and engaged until the early hours of the morning, what a fantastic evening.

It’s always a pleasure to meet up with UKCH, they attended and managed to stay awake the full 12 hours. They always bring jokes, It is always fantastic to catch up with the team, We can say they were one of the 12 who managed to stay awake all night.

Where is the money going? Please consider making a donation to help support families who have lost loved ones in the police service and helping the West Midlands Police Museum develop their engagement programme to do more work with the young people to ensure they do not end up in the cells ensuring there will be fewer victims of crime.

COPS is a UK registered charity dedicated to helping the families of police officers who have lost their lives on duty, rebuild their lives.

The West Midlands Police Museum is fundraising to relocate to the Lock-up, preserving this historic building and ensuring our vast heritage collection can be made more accessible and enjoyed by everyone.

We also aim to deliver inputs on current policing messages to young people – e.g. knife crime, drugs, online safety and child sexual exploitation. By celebrating our joint heritage, we also aim to build bridges with different communities across the West Midlands. Please click here to make a donation and support the Lock up Lock in your donation will make a real difference.

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