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What an amazing two years it’s been for Eddy… He’s now heading to COPS

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What an amazing two years it's been for Eddy... He's now heading to COPS 4
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood writes crime and policing news and graduated Teesside Uni with a degree in Crime & Investigation.

Back in 2017 we launched PC Edward Walker At Durham Police with Diane Lewis, He set off on his tour his tour of the UK Police forces to raise vital funds for COPS Charity.

With your help and support we’ve raised £750 for the COPS Charity. We are delighted that he set off on his travels from Durham Police, the cuddly bear visited the force and travelled across the country and furrher afield to raise money and awareness for COPS.

He started off his Journey from Durham Police HQ and plans to travel the UK, the only question is how far will he travel?.

Eddy will spend a couple of day with dog handler Chris Green before being offically handed over to UK Cops.



Why was eddy on tour

Eddy was sent on his travels by Durham Police so that we could raise further awareness and funds for COPS Charity, We wanted a creative way to have some fun and along the way raise some money for a good cause.

UK Cops are dedicated to helping the families of police officers who have lost their lives in relation to their duty, to rebuild their lives and we wanted to do our little bit.

Julia Berry has been doing running lately and wanted to use her running to raise money for her chosen charity.

She has already taken on the Cops 30 Miler, The Great North Run, ending at the Birmingham International Marathon.

You can keep track Jules runs and where Eddy is at on his tour by following @PCEdwardWalker #PCWalkerTours

Running For Cops 

Julia Berry a custody Designated Detention Officer and ex-special constable wanted to raise money for her fellow injured colleagues to get the help and the support they need to facilitate getting them back on the road to recovery.

She looked to Diane Lewis and Police Hour to get things going and then we planned stag by stag behind the scene.

At the time Jules said, “Far too often we overlook colleagues who are long-term injured or sick it’s easy to forget as the day to day hectic shift work lifestyle we all lead distracts us from absent colleagues especially if they are off for a long time.”

Having already run the Brighton and Manchester Marathon Julia will be running Cops 30 2nd September miler than the following week, The Great North Run on the 10th September and then the Birmingham International Marath on the 15th October.

If you would like to support Jules please ensure you make a donation via Jules Just Giving Page. 

How did the idea come about?

The idea of PC Edward Walker was that of Julia Berry @DDOJB07 a Detention officer with the Met Police Police Hour @PoliceHour and Diane Lewis.

Behind the scenes and for the first 12 months Trevor Sherwood worked rentlessly to ensure the tour was a success while raising £750.

Police Hour editor said “Jules an keen runner is Traveling to the North East and was looking for a creative way to fundraise to support UK Cops and the support of Police Hour to get the idea off the ground”

“As a team, we acted quickly and put a plan in place to get PC Edward Walker on his travels. We were delighted that Durham Police wanted to support PC Edward Walker on his tour to help raise some money for the UK Cops Charity”

You can keep track of where he is on Twitter by following @PCEdwardWalker #PCWalkerTours

About COPS 
COPS is the UK charity dedicated to helping the families of police officers who have lost their lives in relation to their duty, to rebuild their lives. 

Since being founded in 2003, they have helped hundreds of families shattered by the loss of their police officer. They aim to ensure that surviving family members have all the help they need to

 cope with such a tragedy and they remain part of the police family.
What COPS do
COPS is a peer support charity, enabling Survivors from around the UK to support other 
Survivors in practical ways. They arrange local and national events that enable Survivors to build 
friendships and bonds that support them through the good times and bad.  
Families are rightly proud of their officer and COPS help ensure that they remain part of the 
police family.

He was last seen heading off into the city with our very own City Safe Bear!

What an amazing two years it's been for Eddy... He's now heading to COPS 1

What happens if I spot him?

The great thing about PC Edward Walker is we don’t have a clue where he will end up, we could never see him again.

However, if you meet PC Edward Walker we would love you to grab a selfie with him and get as creative and as competitive as you can in your image taking.

Simply snap it, Share it on Twitter include @PCEdwardWalker and #PCWalkerTours to raise as much awareness as we can.

Durham Police

Big thanks, goto Durham Police who have supported us with our fundraising efforts and ensuring PC Edward Walker is sent off on his tour.

Eddy has already made a name for himself after getting a Tweet from non-other than Newcastle United Football Club wishing him luck after he arrived at ST James Park.


While Eddy was at ST James Park he managed to spend some valuable days with the Northumbria Police Central engagement team when he attended a disability, diversity and inclusion. While here they took great care of him and taught him the importance of Equality and being you is not a crime.

He spent some time with a lovely ex-police officer named June who shared her policing photo from 1964. Eddy found this such a great honour to learn from the best and took with him valuable lifelong skills from his visit.


Since Eddy left Northumbria Police he has been lucky to spend some time shadowing Chief Constable Dee Collins. Spending lots of time with the senior team, he watched lots of important presentations before passing his message to fellow teds.

Since then he has been lucky to spend some time shadowing Chief Constable Dee Collins, spending lots of time with the senior team, he watched lots of important presentations before passing his message to fellow teds.

From there he headed to the West York Police Force control room and even went out on patrol with a certain well-known PCSO who features in the Police Twitter Awards, Maybe Ted has his eyes on the awards after spending all that time with the Best Tweeting Chief Constable of the Year.

Leg Three West Yorkshire Police

After a long journey from Northumbria Police Eddy arrived at West Yorkshire Police HQ, as he arrived he was very excited and looking forward to meeting many officers. His first port of call was @WYP_BAWP.

Eddy was quick to get noticed within West Yorkshire and wanted to meet with the Best Tweeting Chief Constable Dee Collins, seeking advice on how he should tweet because he couldn’t really work it out knowing that this was one of the CC strengths he leapt at the chance or did he just have his eyes set on those awards?

He was quick to jump at the chance to shadow one of the most inspirational women within British policing. Together they went off to brief Eddy on the Police and Crime plan.

Eddy really enjoyed the meeting and was able to take a lot away with him. He had lots to think about before he headed off.

But Eddy spotted a camera, The last time he did this he stole a slot on the Police Interceptors, this could be his chance to get noticed and swoop the best tweeting police bear award at this year’s Police Twitter Awards…. Come on Eddy he was thinking.

After all those pictures Eddy decided to hunt out the snacks, he was starting to get hungry after all that work.

All of a sudden he bumped into one of the Police Twitter Awards Finalists he was star struck as he filled his paws.

It was only Police Community Support Officer Sarah Barberini. He knew he only had one chance to make sure PCSO Barberini would work with him, maybe later.

After making arrangements to go out another day Eddy was back with Dee talking about the importance of Force Accountability with Meg Ininns. He really enjoyed the company of Meg, such a wonderful lady he thought.

Next Eddy wanted to learn some leadership skills he was so excited that he grabbed one of the front seats.

Eddy told Angela Williams that he was very impressed with their 999 performance. He decided he must visit the contact centre.