New born puppies found burnt in a box after being suffocated with poo bags

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The puppies are aged just a day or two old had plastic bags tied around their heads before being placed in a box and set on fire.

Vets have checked over the puppies who believes these were perfectly healthy newborn puppies.

In the horrific crime, the young puppies suffered a traumatic end having just lived a day or two.

A member of the public found the charred box within a field and wondered what was inside.

sadly puppies were inside with small pink plastic bags tied over their heads.

Police are now hunting the person responsible for this wicked act.

RSPCA inspector Terri-Ann Fannon, who is investigating, said: “This must have been an absolutely shocking thing to come across.

“The fire must not have caught the box properly, as it had burned out when it was found, and when the member of the public looked inside they discovered the puppies.

“The pups had pink ‘poo bags’ tied around their tiny heads, suggesting that they were deliberately killed and set on fire to dispose of them.”

A member of the public had found the box on Ocean Road, in the King Oswy area of Hartlepool just after 8pm on Saturday.

Police attended the scene and collected the puppies before passing details over to the RSPCA.

They were too young for the vet to be able to identify their breed type but two of them were a light colour, cream or sandy – these were both males – and one was black, a female.

If you have any specific information about who owned these puppies, or saw anything suspicious that might help my investigation, please call our appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and ask to leave a message for me.