Shameful: Youth smashes police car as woman bites officer

Police in Darlington have faced disgusting and disrespectful behaviour following a number of incidents on Friday evening.

Cops locked up one youth after he had thrown bricks at a passing police car resulting in the windscreen being shattered and talking the car off the road during a busy night.

Three police officers were the assaulted with one female causing injury to a police officer after biting through two layers of clothing, as well as hitting two other officers.

Shameful: Youth smashes police car as woman bites officer 1

A spokesperson for the Darlington Police’s D Relief Response Officers said: “Another example of what officers face on a daily basis.

“The female responsible bit through two layers of clothing to cause this injury and refused to let go.

“She bit a further officer and hit two others. Disgraceful behaviour.

The spokesperson added: “A number of youths detained and one arrested during the early hours after thinking it was clever to throw bricks at passing vehicles including a police car which is now off the road with a shattered windscreen.

“What goes through their heads? This behaviour will not be tolerated.”