Police officers investigating a burglary returned to their car to find a warning note threatening to clamp it for using a residents’ parking spot.

The handwritten message was discovered after police made an arrest for a suspected distraction burglary at a house in Shirley, Solihull, on Sunday.

Shameful note left on police car responding to emergency warning it’ll be clamped 1

It said the space used was for “residents only” and warned a repeat would see the vehicle clamped.

Officers said: “Wherever we are, we are always there for a reason.”

West Midlands Police said the note was found on the marked Vauxhall Insignia after officers completed investigations into the burglary and had reassured the 94-year-old victim.

Sharing a photo of the note on Twitter, the force said the car had parked “professionally and considerately” in the residents’ space.

“When at incidents we do have to park our car,” it added.