Notre Dame Cathedral could be restored using Assassin’s Creed game tech

Credit - Ubisoft

Following the tragic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, It is believed that the creators of Assassin’s Creed could enable the building process of the Cathedral because of the digital technology they have of inside the Cathedral.

Apparently the video game Assassin’s Creed: Unity which is created by Ubisoft have 3D mapping technology from inside which will aid re-building the Cathedral.

It will take about 5 years to restore Notre Dame following the intensive fire which broke out luckily all artefacts and items of values were saved during the fire.
Notre Dame Cathedral could be restored using Assassin's Creed game tech 1
Credit – Ubisoft

It’s thanks to the emergency services that the Cathedral was not completely lost, Notre Dame is a 800 year-old Gothic cathedral which is believed to be one of the greatest and most important in the world in terms of architecture.

Over £700 million has been raised by people from all over the world to help restore the Cathedral back to its former glory.

A number of billionaires around the world have also pledged millions to help restore the Cathedral, But it is hoped that Ubisoft’s mapping technology will be used to aid companies to restore the historic building.